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Sabtu, 24 Oktober 2015

Minimalist Home Decor Simple

Minimalist Home Decor Simple | Minimalist home decor this sorely needed, considering that the minimalist house builtwith limited land. With the right decor, minimalist house you have can be a beautiful home, nice and comfortable. Not only is the minimalist house alone is certainly in need of decorations, almost every home needs decoration.

The decor is of course necessary to beautify your home, so that the resident or a visiting guests do not get bored. Moreover, if the House is already a few years old, it certainly changes the decorations also is needed to make it look new andcomfortable.

Simple, Minimalist Home Decor

For a simple, minimalist home decor is more difficult. Where you should not useexcessive interior. You have to emphasize the concept of simple interior by choosing a simple anyway. The number and size of course affect the beauty of your home.

For homes with these concepts, you should choose an interior that has a simple design or do not have many motives. Excessive use of the motif that would make theminimalist house looks narrow and full. In addition, choose colors that are worth it.Wall paint color from the start until the other interior color.

Modern Minimalist Home Decor

For decorating a living room, you can start it from the selection of themes. In addition to the selection of colors, ranging from interior motives to the size you should alsospecify the theme that you will apply in your living room. For example if you choose to apply a theme, you can put the painting plant, mountain or the rice fields that will make your living room look more beautiful.

In addition to painting, you can also put a few small flower pots will add to thecoolness of your living room. Modern minimalist home decor this time emphasizesthe impression of elegance and also natural. So make use of small plants in a pot is very nice to beautify your home.

In addition to decorating a living room, family room decor is also important. Put alittle flower in the family room will also give an impression of beautiful on your living room. Moreover, if the interior used a lot is made of natural materials such as wood.For example just use the floors of wood, small table, seating and a small woodencupboard.

The Interior will add to the natural impression in your living room. Your living roomwould look beautiful and convenient of course used to gather with family. In addition,you can also use decorative lights that will add beauty to your living room.

Minimalist home decor Type 36

If you have a minimalist house 36 type, there are many nice fitting and decor for your home. Minimalist home decor type 36, one being that you can apply, namely the use of the sweet wallpaper. Home with a size of approximately 36 m2 and is of course not a spacious luxury home.

So for a small home designed it impressed widely, you should choose the right decor.Wearing a sweet wall wallpaper will make your tiny House look more spacious and comfortable. But please use the wallpapers on some parts of the course, if too full thatthere will only make your minimalist home feels full and narrow.

Minimalist home decor Type 45

Unlike with home decoration type 45, minimalist House is of course are much larger.So in General, the arrangement of minimalist home decor type 45 easier thanorganizing home decor minimalist bertype 36.

In General, for a minimalist house with 36 types usually have 2 rooms which are usedfor the bedroom. To get an impression of the broad, then choose bed size according to the size of your bedroom. In addition to adjusting the size, proper color selectionalso will add to the impression in your bedroom.

In addition, the current minimalist homes vary greatly, ranging from concept, design,floor plan and interior decorations are used. This will make it easier to determine your options. The right d├ęcor for your minimalist home you can adjust with the wishes and the budget you have.

Minimalist Home Decor Simple

Minimalist Home Decor Simple

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